05 Digital Marketing Trending Updates Blogs Sites You Need to Bookmark

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05 Digital Marketing Trending Updates Blogs Sites You Need to Bookmark

Digital Marketing Updates

Most businesses move at a proper pace, making books and magazines helpful for google updates tools for staying up to date with tactics, techniques, and new additions.

Digital marketing trend is, to put it mildly, a little different! From new advertising platforms to Google algorithm updates, changes and developments in the digital marketing enterprise happen at such a fast pace that the knowledge you read one month is often out of date the next.

One of the best ways to keep up to date with news and developments in the digital marketing world is within industry blogs.

We’re big fans of continual self-education through high-quality blogs. With thousands of digital marketing blogs to choose from, weeding out the good information from the bad can be an especially time-consuming process.

Last year, we published our 05 favourite digital marketing blogs. Recently, we’ve updated and expanded our list to add 05 digital marketing trending blogs that belong to your bookmark list. Ready to read?

Marketing Land

Marketing Land features daily updates about the latest Update in the digital marketing industry. The news announced on Marketing Land extends from announcements and business developments from the top digital marketing brands to helpful How-To guides.

Marketing Land

Since Marketing Land publishes such a huge amount of content so regularly, it’s a fantastic one-stop-shop for keeping up to date with the digital marketing world. Most of the content here is “big picture” stuff – demand more posts on industry trends than step-by-step tutorials.

Because Marketing Land has such a huge range, it often features content from digital marketing plan leaders and industry experts.  If you’re looking for insightful analysis on recent updated digital marketing, this is the place to go.

Convince and Convert

Convince and Save blends content marketing with growth optimization to help you learn how to write, publish and promote content that does specific marketing goals.

Even parts content and sales, Convince and Convert usually covers topics like marketing funnel development and optimization, guest blogging and influencer marketing, social media, branding, and reputation management.

Unlike other digital marketing content marketing blogs, which normally focus on the creative side of producing new content, Convince and Convert takes an analytical view and focuses on using content to achieve specific ROI goals.

Social Media Examiner

As its name recommends, Social Media Examiner is all about social media. From well-known social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to smaller communities like Reddit, Pinterest, and Slideshare, you can find complete and actionable leads to almost every social network here.

Social Media Examiner

The content on Social Media Examiner covers “how-to” blog posts, interviews with marketing experts and opinion leaders, data-driven posts and industry research, news and updates about the social media world, and even podcasts and videos.

Social Media Examiner also publishes a year-long Social Media Marketing Industry Report with data from over 5,000 marketers, which is available free for readers.


The Moz Blog, which publishes a mix of content from Moz employees and user-generated SEO content on YouMoz, is all on search engine optimization. Moz is one of the best bands in the SEO software industry, and its blog is stuffed with actionable SEO advice.

Moz Blog

From “how-to” guides for beginners to link building and on-page optimization advice for SEO experts, the Moz blog is a great source for developing your SEO strategy and staying up to date with the latest update in the world of search engine optimization.

If you need a once-weekly SEO update, make sure to check out Moz’s Whiteboard Friday video content, which covers a different perspective of online marketing every Friday.


While Moz offers big-picture SEO knowledge and analysis, the Ahrefs blog is stuffed with information on the technical team of SEO. Ahrefs’ blog content is complete, data-driven, and large in scale, as its latest analysis of on-page SEO (which includes more than two million keywords).


In addition to analysis, Ahrefs publishes actionable leads to link structure, viral content creation, keyword research, and competitor study. Expect lots of long, detailed posts that blend insights with real SEO data.

One of the biggest strengths of the Ahrefs blog is that the writers have access to Ahrefs’ index of backlink data. This indicates that the blog is light on data and thought and heavy on real on-page and off-page ranking data removed from live websites.

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