07 Benefit of Social Media Marketing

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07 Benefit of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of using social media for marketing is its ability to help you reach and target millions of people from all over the world. Whether it is a particular region, country, city, or locality – social media has the potential to help you target and market to the smallest of audience.

We will now do hold on to all the benefits of using social media marketing.

  • You can target a large audience first

As of 2020, these social media platforms have the following number of users:

Facebook: 1.82 billion users

YouTube: 2 billion users

Twitter: 330 million users

Instagram: 112.5 million users

LinkedIn: 303 million users

The number of social media users is expected to grow regularly in the coming years with each platform experiencing a constant increase. This is a big help for business systems that rely on social media marketing as they can reach out to more people.

This means that there is a massive chance for you to target different users from different age categories in all social media platforms through social media marketing.

  • Ad customization options

What makes social media marketing an engaging marketing option is the customization options that come with it. For example, most social media programs allow you to select your daily ad budget and choose your target audience.

Some of them have developed their ad customization options, making it a gold mine for marketers trying to sell a product or a service.

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You can post to your target demographic on Facebook based on where they live, their gender, age category, job title, state inclinations, and specific life events such as their birthday, promotion, engagement date, or their wedding anniversary.

You can also target people on Facebook based on their shopping behaviour, interests, activities, and the boys they have liked.

So, if you are selling an overpriced product, you can select your preferred audience and their income levels to strategically target the who can afford your products or services.


Instagram is a different famous platform for social media marketing. It lets you to target people based on their age category and city, state, and country of residence. You can set your daily ad budget and choose the number of people you want to target.

Further, based on your advertising needs, you can also choose different CTA options such as ‘Learn More’, ‘Visit Website’, ‘View Instagram Profile’, and Shop Now’.  

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  • You can trace and optimize the production of your advertisements

So you have started an advertising attack, set your ad budget, and run your campaign. Now what? What is the next logical step?


If you can’t track the performance of your social media advertisements, you can’t scale its reach or meet your conversion goals. The beauty of social media marketing lies in its capacity to allow you to track how your ads are working on the platform you advertised in.

Based on the analytics reports, you can modify your ads, evaluate where you’re getting maximum traction, and create a concrete plan of action to scale the performance of your advertisements. Without Ad tracking, this won’t be possible. So it is high time to thank social media marketing for making this potential for all marketers out there!

  • Social Media Marketing is cost-effective

Another advantage of using social media for marketing is its cost-effectiveness.

As exposed to traditional advertising options such as print media or TV advertisements, it is incredibly budget-friendly. But that said, it is only cost-effective for those marketers who know how to use their ad spend completely.

Social media marketing is promoting best understood by professionals who know when to pull back when required, as you can immediately burn through your marketing budget if left unmonitored.

But, given that social media marketing is relatively cheaper than other forms of marketing, it gives you the room to experiment and identify a marketing tactic that works at a budgeted price.  

  • Social Media Marketing benefits you drive business to your website
Social Media Marketing benefits

Social media marketing helps you attract website traffic through creative options.

For instance, social media marketing offers a CTA option.In other words, you can use social media to scale your website traffic exponentially. All you have to do is confirm that your landing page is accurate so that your website visitors are excited to explore it further. To make this issue, write compelling website content, avoid filler words, and remove additional pop-up banners on your website. This will enhance the user experience which will go on to further encourage website browsing from your visitors.

Moreover, you can go one step ahead and optimize all your website pages, particularly a product or service page. This will encourage your website visitor to purchase if they like what they see on your website.

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  • Social Media Marketing increases your brand recognition

But the businesses that do invest in social media marketing can build brand awareness in ways that a company that does not engage in social media marketing fails to do.

Humans are wired to understand and trust the things that they are familiar with. In a lot of ideas, that’s what social media marketing makes for you. By regularly showing your advertisements to your audience, SMO trains your user’s mind to recognize and remember your brand.

So while your audience may not end up buying anything from your brand straight away, they will remember your brand.So even if you don’t change your target audience into customers right away, social media marketing leaves a logo on them and trains them to become potential customers of your brand in the future.

So when you come to believe in it, social media marketing has its perks. If nothing else, it helps you build brand experience and allows you to become an established brand – even if your conversion goals like increasing brand loyalty and making sales are not immediately met.

  • You can uncover relevant customer insights

Prevailing in business is all about getting customer psyche and behavior, and social media gives you a leading advantage over your competitors. In its various advertising tools, you will have access to valuable information about your customers that you can use to advance your business.

You will be able to track the execution of your social media operations, understand how users are interacting with your ads, and get an understanding of what works and doesn’t work. Using this data, you can make much-needed changes to your marketing strategy.

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